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Connection issues

Hi. My galaxy s5 is having intermittent connection issues / won't send sms or shows no service. When I dial *#*#4636#*#* it says the network is hspa, but says the preferred network is wcdma. Is that my problem? There's no option to set it to hspa, and it refuses to set to any of the other options, only the wcdma. Any answers? Thanks!

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Did you get this phone from Koodo? When/How did you activate it?
I bought it from eBay, lesson learned 🙂 I ordered a sim from koodo, even tried a second sim but same problem. one thing I haven't tried is to see if the problem persists with a sim from another carriercarrier.
I'm planning to take it to a koodo store today so I'll see what they can do.
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They can check if your phone is unlocked or not. If not, they can unlock most phones at a Koodo Shop($35 ) I hope it will work with Koodo's network 🙂