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Confused about plan changes

I'm trying to find an answer to my question by reading all of the FAQ's/previously asked questions and I'm just getting confused. I would like to switch my phone and my boyfriends phone to the new plans. I have -75$ left for my phone on the tab. It is my understanding I will have to pay this amount before switching to a new plan? My boyfriend has no tab as he has the BYOD 10% discount. I have read that in order to change his plan he has to upgrade his phone? I have also read that he can change the plan without upgrading and will lose the 10%. Can someone clear this up for me? Thanks

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Hi Special-K,

Let's start off with your phone:
You will need to pay the 75$ left on your tab in order to switch to one of the new plans currently being advertised on the website. You will need to do this by contacting a representative over the phone using *611 from your mobile phone. You will not get charged as this cannot be done on self serve. The rep will then help you change to the plan you want

For your boyfriend's phone:
There is no longer a BYOP discount with Koodo as the discount was incorporated into the new plans already. If he wants to change plans, he will just loose his 10% BYOP discount. He is not required to upgrade phones if he does not want to. In order to switch plans, he will also need to contact a representative over the phone using *611 from his mobile phone. Again, there will not be a charge for this either.

If you need any further clarifications, don't hesitate!
Hope this helps!
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If you owe a balance on the OLD (pre-April 19, 2015) tab: you can change your plan to one of the legacy plans that you can check out on self-serve (when the site is in a good mood). No change in your tab arrangements, as long as you are keeping your phone. By phone we mean SIM. If you have another phone that is SIM-compatible, you can stick your current SIM into it and all the billing & service continues as before. If you still owe a tab balance and want to change your phone, you will have to call 611 currently, pay off your old tab and pick a new plan & tab combo. Only one tab per phone can be alive at any one time. This can also be done in a boutique, but not online. If you are on the 10% off for BYOD, you can call in and get one of the new plans (no more 10% discount, since the new ones already take this into account). Can't be done online. No phone change required.
Thank you so much for your help guys. I just called to get the phones changed over with no problems at all. It literally took 5 minutes. Easy as pie 🙂