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Hi all: I am wanting to buy a Galaxy Note II as a.gift for a friend. She is a current koodo subscriber. The promotion in store is 400.00. My question: if I buy the phone out right do I need to have a plan with it? It's a.gift. A koodo spoke person said I can't get the 400 dollar deal without having a plan. I fail to see where on the website such a clause exists?

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It's because these prices are for existing or new customers but NO carrier will sell to you at the subscription price without activating service on it. There may be a higher prepaid price you can pay but I'm not sure what that would be If you really want to get it as a.gift I suggest you take her to the kiosk and buy it for her so she can associate it with her account right away
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Koodo is a wireless service provider. They cannot sell a phone on promo pricing without a plan. If you want, you can sign up and cancel after a month. Another option is to buy the phone as prepaid for $550. Or buy it unlocked one online via ebay or maybe a samsung store if you have one in your area