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Complete Noob network issue

Hi. I unlocked my Rogers phone (Galaxy Note1) and moved here, phone registers correct and works but: Service state is in service; Mobile network state is disconnected; and IP address is unavailable. Is there some DHCP server addr and DNS in a menu I need to poke (and to what) or do I call Koodo support? Thanks for your help. Danno

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Did you properly setup the APN?
Not likely - which menu would that be in?
Yes - I picked the only one available - sp.Telus.com
Haven't found a FAQ yet with the data I need - could use a link here.
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Switch2kooodo.com Step 3 at the right hand side of the page.
Got it. Thanks for the quick help! This link has a few: http://erictronik2012.blogspot.ca/2012/02/access-point-names-apn-setting-for-bell.html