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I am with Koodo for several years already.
Over the past year on a few occasions I tried to find a way to communicate by phone with Koodo representative.  There is no phone number I could find to talk to a person.  I know, there are many Koodo outlets out there. However, when in the past I needed to solve some telephone issues, the only solutions I was offered were to buy a new phone.  It was not needed, as I found out.
My issues this year are:
- how to transfer my other cell phone number from a different provider to Koodo, is there any advantage in doing so to me?
- how to get 2 more numbers for my kids, link them to my current account, and see if there are any advantages in this? d Because, if there is no real difference between what I would like to continue with Koodo and some other providers, why to bother.
Koodo outlets are good to sign new customers, yes.  But the representatives do not have really time to discuss additional options and make a serious offer to attract more business from a current customer.
Conversation on a phone allowing to explore different options would solve the above problems. Adding customer phone service would certainly help.  We, the current customers, need to be able to make a phone call to your representative!
Good luck to all of us Koodo funs,
Tadeusz Lewandowski

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Using Google easyer or Samsung account ones you sine in contact will come up there no need to transfer Google will do it for you I hope this make sense to you if you don't have a Google account sine up for one www.goolge.com
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You can contact Koodo here: 1-866-99-KOODO (1-866-995-6636) or 647-788-4337. Hours of Operation Monday − Friday: 10am - 9pm Saturday: 9am - 7pm Sunday: 9am - 7pm To port (bring a number from another provider to Koodo), make sure the account is: 1. Active 2. In good standing 3. Under you name You can easily port via the web portal or by contacting Koodo. The port will replace your current number with Koodo. Once the porting is complete, this will also automatically cancel the service with the previous provider (i.e. review your contract to see if early cancellation fees apply). To get 2 new number with Koodo, just sign up at a Koodo kiosk under your account and you will be provided with 2 new sim cards and 2 new numbers. If you would like to then port, follow the steps above. In terms of 'advantages', all these numbers will be on 1 account and you will only have to pay 1 bill. And if you are happy with Koodo's overall services, why not have all your numbers under them? Hope this helps!