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Choosing new phone for an old plan?

A crowdsurfer kicked my phone out of my hand last night and smashed the screen, so now I need a new phone. I have a positive tab and want to upgrade but I don't see where I can choose the new phone without selecting a new plan. My plan is no longer offered so I'd like it to be grandfathered into it on this phone by using the same SIM -- is that possible? How do I choose it from the website without a plan if so?

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You'll be able to upgrade, and your positive will help lower your Tab charge. If you go into a Koodo Kiosk or any multi brand retailer that sells Koodo, you'll be shown your options. You may be able to keep your current plan, but with an added Tab Charge (which varies based on the phone you choose and again will be affected by your positive Tab amount), or you could choose a new in-market plan.
I was interested in ordering online, I don't have a Koodo kiosk locally as far as I know. 😞
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Where are you located?
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You can use this tool to find the closest Koodo location or retail partner; it doesnt necessarily have to be a Koodo store : https://www.koodomobile.com/find-nearest-store Online ordering will be available in the near future but for now you'll have to go in-store to purchase/upgrade
Oh great, I didn't realize those stores had Koodo access. Thank you for that. I'll go in store.