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Check Out Positive balance error

Hi guys I'm trying to buy a new Nexus 4 with Tab S. My tab balance is +69 to I should be able to get the phone at 300 - ( 150 +69) = 81$ However, every single time I get to the check out point where it says New Customer and Existing Customer, and I choose existing customer, it takes me to the check out page without the positive tab balance! I keep ending up with a 300-150=150$ fee. My positive balance just disappears!!! I don't understand what's happening!

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Try signing into your Self Serve account first then do the phone purchase.
I have and its still not working. Ive tried using chrome and internet explorer in case it was the browser. Its like the Existing Customer button functioned like the New Customer button
Umm I think the buttons are inverted. I just clicked the New Customer button and my balance worked perfect..
And now it said there was an error. I'm really confused
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Raghed Charabaty wrote:

And now it said there was an error. I'm really confused

Send an email about the issue using this link: https://secure.koodomobile.com/account/appmanager/support/contactus
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Contact webstore 1-866-768-9300 they're the dept who handles online orders.
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Hey Raghed! Once you've logged into your Self Serve account, from the Overview page click on "Phones" then select the phone and "Add to Cart". The next page that will pop-up will be the rate plans, simply bypass that page by clicking on "Checkout" that's at the top left-hand side and proceed. Hope this helps. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.