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Charges on cell phone

Where is the usage for this billing? I don't seem to understand why I owe 80.94. I recently paid 94.56, and am confused as to where these charging are coming from?

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Do you have access to the Self Serve account on koodomobile.com? There you can see the detailed bill, could be data usage, could be airtime, could be international calls, could be so many things... Usually when the client pays more for the month it is because is on the wrong plan... Check your bill to see why is higher than normal and then analyze your needs with the new promotional plans that we have to see if there is something better to suit your needs.
I've looked at my bill & all I can see is the data charge of 5.00. This plus my plan of 40.00 and 2-add-ons of 5.00 each still does not come to these outrageous charges.
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Your best bet for a clear explanation of any extra charges would be to call customer service. They can actually see your bill, while we can't.