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charged internation rates for Canadian 800 number?

Why do you charge 5 bucks for agents that are rude and arrogant and unwilling to answer simple question? Why is your website non user friendly? Why do all Canadian 800 number charged international fees? You are not the most popular Canada provider among seniors. Your too greedy to fix your errors. Rectify and refund my account before December 31, 2013 or I will take my service to another service provider. Shame on you!

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Hi Susan, That is some praise 😃 Koodo does NOT charge $5 to speak to an agent... only if you ask them to change something you can do for free in self service. Sorry you talked to a rude and arrogant one though. What is your simple question, can we perhaps help? What can be improved on their website? Koodo does listen... if you tell them what you don't like, they might change it. What do you mean by 800 numbers charging international fees? It is free to call those numbers from within Canada (though it will take your airtime minutes but any phone call does and obviously if you are in the US, you get roaming charges). No Canadian cell phone company can claim to be "the most popular", that is why there is (some) competition 🙂 If there is a billing error, you will need to call Koodo (*611) because this is a public forum - none of us can look into your account let alone change anything or refund money 🙂 If you have any more questions, please ask, we like to answer them! But remember most of us here are only volunteers, so getting angry at us is probably not going to help you much...
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If, as you stated, are a senior, and the phone is just for emergency you probably better off with some of the smaller outfits. Koodo may not be for you. They don't cater to the elderly. They also only charge for stuff that you can do yourself online. 800 numbers are also not charged international but the minutes do come out of your bucket, but no long distance is charged. Last, but not least. you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Threats never go far, especially here, since we are just customers like you. 🙂
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Maybe a Praise is not the right category for this. The website is user friendly. There is no charge just to speak to an agent. Toll free numbers are not charged international fees, just airtime minutes. We cannot access accounts here since it is a public forum. Why don't people get this? Koodo is far from greedy. Telling Koodo what to do or you will switch seems like a threat. i don't usually promote going to another provider but maybe going to elseware would be best. No shame on Koodo since it seems you are handling the situation the wrong way. Speak politely and maybe something can get done. Nothing will get done because you beleive it needs to happen. For all we know, there will be no credits or anything given. We need more information aside from personal details. Care to share or just keep this rant exactly what it is? Incomprehensible...
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Koodo does not charge for calling in. 1-800 numbers are not charged international charges, as they are 1-800 numbers. I don't know where you read this, but what you read is incorrect. Nowhere on the Koodo website does it state that.