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Charged for reconnection fee

  • 5 October 2020
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Last month I incurred a 169.00 bill where 93.00 of that was forwarded from august.  I had a spending limit and from the beginning.


What happened is that on the 14th of September the phone was disconnected for non payment.  I disputed the charge and was told there is no spending limit and I was disconnected for non payment.  The bill was 169.00 and I was less than the spending limit.


The billing date is at the end of the month and the charge date is a bit earlier, but no where near the 14th, more like the 22nd of the month.


Now can you let me know if the spending limit has been changed as that is what I was following.  I spoke to Lerna.


If so, please let me know within your terms and conditions, as I assumed my spending limit was always there.


-Mike Franklin

1 reply

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Hi Mike,


I was able to find your account in the system and this is what I can tell you.

First of all, in order to better understand what happened with the payments, I advise you to check your e-bill on the Self serve account and also the payment history.

Second, you don’t have a spending limit and that is really great because in this case you are eligible to have more options regarding rate plans and devices.


All the best,