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charged for over data

Hi ... I got charged $10 for being 20mb over on my bill last month and the add said that when you get to your limit they stop your data so that you don't have any hi over charge .

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Monitor your data usage, dont rely on them to stop it or notify you about it through text. I turn mine off when i have less than 300mb to save myself the headache
I got charged too. Your right it a false ad they should take it off .
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Assuming that you’re on a Shock-Free Data plan, go to the Data Usage Alerts page in your Self Serve account and turn on data usage alerts. If it's turned off, you won't receive data alerts at 50%, 90% and 100% and data usage will not be blocked when you go over your data limit.
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It would depend on what plan you are on

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In other words, Gerry, you need to have one of the new plans that include shock free data in order for that to apply to your case. If you don't then you don't have that new feature. You would need to switch over in order to have it.
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@Gerry - you're actually not on one of our shock-free-data (SFD) plans. SFD is only available with certain plans that were introduced this year. You're on an older plan that you took in 2015. You're welcome to take a look at the current rate plan suite and pick a plan that you think might better suit your needs. You can make the change yourself through the self-serve portal or app.

@Tyrone - you're also not on a SFD plan. You've been on the same plan that you took back in 2013. Similar to the note above to Gerry, feel free to take a look at the latest plan offerings to see if one of the new SFD plans better suit your current needs.