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Changing Rate Plan - Lose Phone Number

If I change my rate plan, will I able to keep the same phone number?  I was told by the customer service rep (in store) that if I make a change to my plan (i.e. upgrade to a better data plan), I will lose my phone number.  I've been reading many posts in this forum and it seems you will NOT lose your current phone number.  I would like to take advantage of the new plans that Koodo is offering.  I just need some confirmation.  Thanks!

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You can change as far as you stay in the same postpaid category. If you change from postpaid to prepaid or vice versa, you'll lose your number unless you go through the porting route.
Hi Ken,

I'm assuming by postpaid you mean "monthly".  If that's the case, they yes, I will be sticking with the same category.
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Changing rate plan doesn't lose your number.  
Unless you move to different province and change your plan to Regional plan.
Thanks Mayumi and Ken!
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Sean Dwyer wrote:

Thanks Mayumi and Ken!