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Changing plans question

Hello, I had an older plan for 45 $ a month with 500 MB of data. The billing cycle is August 9th to September 9th. My phone broke part way through and I switched to a new phone and plan. The new plan is for 40$ and 1 GB of data. I already used up my old data. I don't understand what to expect on my bill for September 9th. Would it be 45 (and any additional charges because I went over data) + 40 + the next month in advance, 40? Or would it be split according to the number of days in each plan? Does it matter how much data from now till September 9th, can I still use my 1 GB or is it pay per use data till then or something? I'm confused about the proration works when switching plans. Thank you!

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Or, another idea, since we get billed for the next month, was this month for the old plan already paid for? So would it be number of days for this plan (it's roughly half so around 20), plus next month (40), plus any additional data I used with my old plan this month that went over the 500 MB? I'm not counting the phone cost here just the plan itself. I'm still sort of trying to understand how it all works... Thanks!
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Your next bill would be the original plan pro rata credit for days unused.

Then a charge for the new plan pro rated to the billing date

Then 40$ charge for the next month of services

Check self serve for available data . Idt data is pro rated so you should have a full serving until the bill date when it resets
Thank you for the reply, I am still trying to understand how proration works... is it being billed for the amount of days in that cycle that were used?
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Ana wrote:

Thank you for the reply, I am still trying to understand how proration works... is it being bille...

Correct. So if you had a plan with 500min for $40 and you had the plan for 15 days, you would pay $20 and have only 250min.
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If your billing cycle is from 9th to 8th of the month, and say you switched your plan on 20th (12days in).  You already paid $45 for this month.

This is for your old plan.
$45 / 30 days x 12days = $18  for August 9th to 20th. You will receive $27 credit for from Aug 21st to Sep 8th.  

For your new plan  :  $40 / 30days x 18 days (Aug 21st to Sep 8th) = $24  

Your next bill should be like  $27 - $24 = $3 credit + $40 for next month.
 I don't know exact date that you changed your plan, but it should be similar calculation like this.

Just a note. If you have a limited talk minutes, your minutes will be prorated as Allan mentioned.
Also any overages will be added to your next bill.
I understand now, thank you so much!