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Changing phone location, so its no longer long distance?

I have recently moved an hour away from where I got my phone, unfortunately it is long distance for anyone locally to call me, is there a way to change it so it is not long distance locally? Is there a way to do this online for free or is it only able to be done through the phone? what are the charges for the service through the phone?

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You can log onto Self Serve and change your phone # there.
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If it's in another provide you will need to call Koodo, in either case it's free to change your number 🙂
Its not another province just another city, is there away to do it without changing my number the area code is the same here as it was in the other city?
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Unfortunately that's not possible. You'll need to change your exchange (the first three digits after your area code) you might be able to keep the last four digits however
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Yup just to elaborate on what Chad said. Area Code is just that Area (403 for Southern Alberta for example). The next 3 numbers dictate what part of the area (318 would be Red Deer Alberta for example, 200 is Calgary). The final 4 identify you past that. Only way to remove those charges is to switch your phone number requiring you to at least change the 3 digits after the area code and most likely the 4 after that if someone has the same four you are looking for already.