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Changing from normal billing to prepaid?

Im going to buy an iphone 4 soon, and my friend is looking into taking my old phone, the galaxy ace ii x, but on a prepaid plan with koodo. If i buy the iphone and give my old phone to her can she set it up with koodo and change it over to prepaid with no charge? also, can she change it to white?? lol, thankkksss -Tay

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Hi there... She will be able to use that phone on prepaid for sure, She will need to go to the store and get a PREPAID SIM, then She will have to do the activation online. About changing the Color, I really doubt it, unless you are within your 14 days of purchase... Enjoy the services and the new iPhone 4.
Thanks so much! about the colour thing, about a month after i bought the phone, i went into koodo and asked if i could get the white one, and they said no problem, as long as i have the receipt (which i did) and everything in the box, but i didnt end up changing it because they said i would lose all my music. so im pretty sure i could change it... but im not sure 😕 thanks so much for your help
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Hi Tay, it will be late now to change your phone for the white version. Enjoy your iPhone!