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Changing data cycle on an S5

I'm trying to change the data cycle shown on my Galaxy S5 (Android 5.0). It currently shows 26-25. I'd like it to line up with Koodo which is 6-5.

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When you open the data tracker so on the phone, tap on the dates. You should see an option to change cycle.

It did say that 4 months ago when I got the phone, but I can't see it now, nor can I scroll down.
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I found if I clicked Data usage >    turned Data on >  and then clicked the dates
that Change cycle would show up,
You wil not see it with Data off.
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Hey Dan! Were you able to change the cycle dates? Keep us posted!
No, I'm not.

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Dan Nicholson wrote:

No, I'm not.

Did you do what Spence followed up with?
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Make sure "set cellular data limit" is turned on as well.
Ok, that was weird. I just went in and turned data on, like I've already tried several times, and now I'm able to change the cycle. All changed, and thanks to everyone for their help.