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Changing customer info (legal name change)

My legal information has changed in multiple ways. I've had my driver's license re-issued and I have the provincial government's supporting documentation. It's a full legal name change, not a marriage. The kiosk I went to said I'd have to send it to customer service, but the phone menu has been labyrinthine.

Does anyone know if there's a specific person/section I can fax/email my documents to? Is the kiosk supposed to be able to change my customer info? 

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Again, the kiosk I went to said they could not do it from where they were. Are they mistaken?
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Sorry about that... I'm pretty sure they can If you call in you can explain that the kiosk refused and they will probably waive the fee.
Thanks for your speedy replies. Do you know what the call path is for this topic? I haven't had much luck with the phone menu. I wish there was a "speak to person" button 🙂
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Billing or technical support should do it
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Hi Ellie, just give us a call at *611, option #5 and we'll update the name on your account. The good news is there is no fee involved 🙂 Have a great day!