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Changed plan from 40 to 55 on 30-Jan-2016 because i overused and got a $38 additional fee.

I changed my plan from 40 to 55 on 30-Jan-2016 because i overused and got a $38 additional fee. My billing cycle is Dec2-Jan1. Bill says 55+38. Can I make it 40+38+1.88(1 day 55 plan charge) OR get rid of 38 as 55 plan covers unlimited Canada wide calls.

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When you change a plan,  both the old plan and the new are pro-rated for the portion of the month they were active. Here’s link for you describing the process.  You also pay the upcoming month in advance. If you overused your $40 plan, moving to a plan with more minutes does not retroactively apply your new plan to past consumption. If you were 76 minutes over your 500 minute allotment by December 30, then you would be charged for those minutes as part of your $40 plan.


Thank you David, for your reply. Here are some of my queries:

1. " You also pay the upcoming month in advance." - Is there a justification to why I am paying in advance as I have not paid anything in advance for the past months I have been with koodo?

2. I know it will be distributed, but the Q is as I had $ 40 pan from 2-Dec to 30-Dec and $55 plan for 31-Dec & 1-Jan, why is the bill still 55+38.5-(portion of $40)+(portion of 55) instead of 40+38.5-(portion of 40)+(portion of 55)? Either Koodo should reduce $15+tax from the bill or reduce the ore usage of 38.5+tax from the bill.

3. Is there a number to contact customer care? does Koodo have a customer care, rather than having a lot of to & fro comments- a customer care person can look into the account and see what is happening in a much easier way right?

4. I have waited for 1hr & 15min today to talk to a rep and no one has answered, there was no call back option as well today. What should be my next step?

5. If this is the way Koodo's customer service work, please consider a loss of 10 connection by end of this month. It may not matter much, but I just thought to inform you as there is no way to inform Koodo.

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Hi Basil - I'll make an attempt to answer your questions:

1. You are always charged for your monthly service in advance. This has been the case since you joined in July, and is the case with any Canadian telco monthly service. Any overages you incur for that month, are then added to your following bill. In your case, the overage charge of $38.50 was incurred between Dec. 29-30, once you used up all the airtime allotted for that month. So your January bill shows charges for the month in advance on the new $55 plan (Jan. 2-Feb. 1), plus the overage from the previous month $38.50

2. Your plan change actually took effect on Jan. 1 and I believe the rest of your question about which portion you were billed for is explained above. 

3. You can dial *611 to call our client care, but as you've noticed, we are experience higher than normal call volumes at the moment and wait times are much longer than usual. This is why you're better off asking your questions here as the majority of questions can be handled by fellow customers and super users (Mobile Masters) + official reps from time to time.

4. Our call-back option has been disabled temporarily as we uncovered issues over the weekend with it not functioning properly. It will be reinstated once fixed.

5. Hoping thks helps avoid the mass exodus. The charges are explained in detail on your bill, but totally understand that some additional context is required at times - hope the above info. helps.

Let us know if you have any other questions. 
Thanks Ranjan - I did not know that I was paying upfront. In that case, I will analyze all the bills & payments I have made so far and also filter the calls from 8-5pm for this month which exceeded 500min and get back to you as soon as I can.