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Changed area code on line. Koodo oked and now I can call out but phone is showing no service to new number.

Changed area code on phone number.  Koodo oked and just said turn phone of and back on.  Now I can call out but anyone trying to reach me by text is getting weird msgs and callers are being told number not in service.  Help

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Shut off the phone, pull out the SIM and restart it. This will give you an error of course.

Shut off the phone again, re-insert the SIM and restart. You connection should now be completely reset.

Try sending yourself a text. If you receive it successfully, you're good to go.

If not, you will have to contact customer support. During the busy post-holiday season, it's easier to use Facebook on-line.

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It can also take overnight for the system to update all the carriers about the number change. Be patient.