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Change shipping address but need billing address to stay the same?

Is there a way to change only your shipping address but not your billing address? When I try to change either, both end up changing and I need my billing address to stay the same so I can make my credit card payment for a new phone.

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whats wrong with all f u i just need my bill is that so hard to find

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francine brun wrote:

whats wrong with all f u i just need my bill is that so hard to find

Hi Francine,

You can access your e-bill by logging into self serve, then click "View my Bill"
wll im waiting here

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Hi Kylie,

Phones will only ship to your billing address. What I had to do was change my billing address to my current address I wanted my phone delivered, then once I got confirmation that the phone shipped I changed the billing address back to the proper address.
I'm having the same problem as Kylie.  As much as your advice is appreciated, how did that work since your billing address must match your credit card?
My advice would be to let the koodo Webstore know that if they are going to start allowing online shopping they need to update the website to allow a different shipping address.  It is already half way there, it has billing and shipping address separated it just won't let you change the shipping address...Yet!