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Change Notifications Setting on LG G3

I have an LG G3. On my home screen, it has a drop-down Notifications box - basically telling me how many emails I have, what phone calls I missed, any vmessages I have. Once I have viewed them, I can clear them by pressing a button.

The problem is that the clearing doesn't seem to "stick". When I press clear, all notifications seem to be deleted. But then I get another (1) email, and the Notifications area tells me I have 9 or 14 or 37 or however many ever outstanding ... when I only have one.

I just can't find what settings to change.

Any ideas? Thanks

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Hi , If you have read all the notifications by going to the particular application then that notification is automatically claeared. But if you just clear the notification without reaching them in thr particular app then it will count those as unread and add to the new notification count.
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Yeah when u clear notification s, its not clearing them from whichever app they belong too. So the new message shows it with the total messages not read in specific app.