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Change "Canada-Wide 50 (CD/VM) $50.00" to "CAN Talk & text Unltd min $50"

As far as I can see, it is only a gain to switch from "Canada-Wide 50 (CD/VM) $50.00" to "CAN Talk & text Unltd min $50". I would gain unlimited outgoing text, up from the current restriction of 50, and possibly gain picture messaging. Am I reading this correctly?

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Hi mb1952, You would have to compare the two plans with self serve and the online web posting. Your plan seems to be an older one, so we can't take a look at is from here unfortunately.
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Yup, yours is an older one that had unlimited text only as an optional add on for $5. It's definitely better for you to switch, but you need to pay off any existing Tab balance if I'm not mistaken.