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Certified Pre-Owned HTC One should read HTC One V

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Noticed that the HTC One V is pictured under the certified pre-owned section for prepaid devices. The title presently reads HTC One Prepaid Certified Pre Owned when it should read, HTC One V Certified Pre-Owned. Any chance this can be corrected? Phone specs list the device as the HTC One V. Weight: 120g Size: 119mm x 59.8mm x 9mm Package Content: [b]HTC One V, Rechargeable Battery, Travel Charger, USB Cable, Safety and Product Information booklet Hand Set Mode: HSPA (3G) Classification: HSPA Manufacturer: HTC

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send feedback to koodo.webmaster@koodomobile.com
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MatB wrote:

send feedback to koodo.webmaster@koodomobile.com

Thanks Mat, sent them an email.
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Good catch! I'll let someone know!