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Cashing in positive tab balance for a new phone will increase my plan and tab charge?!

I would like to get a new phone - the LG G5. I have the option of putting it on Tab Small after offsetting some of the cost with my positive classic tab balance. Koodo notifies me they have "discounted their plans" since I first upgraded to Tab Small.

Currently I am paying $45+tax/month for 1GB data, etc. If I buy this new phone, the plan options would have me pay $60+tax/month for the same 1GB data PLUS $8/month on top of that for the Tab Small charge. In addition, I would no longer accrue a positive tab balance by giving up my classic tab status.

Help me understand this. Is Koodo asking me to pay $68/month for what I currently receive for $45/month? I am fine with paying the $8/month for 24 months tab if I can keep my $45/month 1GB plan. I don't see a way to do this as Koodo's system is asking me to acknowledge I am giving up my current plan before I can buy the new phone. I am having trouble understanding why I wouldn't just cut and run.

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Usually, you are able to keep the same rate, but once you purchase a new phone using the accumulated Tab amount, you will no longer be able to accrue any further positive Tab - you switch to the new style where you pay the Tab in addition to your plan amount. Hopefully, someone who has done this can provide the exact steps, or if you were going to a store, they should be able to set you up with your current rate, but without the Tab accumulation.
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Koodo discounted their plans when they first introduced this new tab system that was no longer subsidized my the plan in a hidden manner.  However during that time until now, all plans have increased in price, including those plans first introduced with the new tab system.

If you are going with Tab Small, you shouldnt need to change your plan from your grandfathered plan.
All you pay extra is the monthly tab charge.

Do not give up your grandfathered plan if this not what you want to do or you will never be able to get it back.

If self serve is not giving you an option when you buy your phone, and it is forcing you to change plans, I recommend sending a private message to Koodo on their facebook or twitter and a rep can help you correct the error you are seeing on self serve