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Carrier Koodo showing as TELUS

Koodo mobile phone all of a sudden showing TELUS as carrier not Koodo in the top left corner (nexus 5), and i changed no settings, in settings it also shows network as TELUS... but my network is set to sp.koodo.com. phone is fully working text/talk/data all fine. Why is it saying TELUS and not Koodo all of a sudden?

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The solution is literally two doors down.
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Koodo uses telus' network. Nothing is changed on your phone everything remains the same. Fido often shows rogers, virgin shows bell. Don't worry about it. it will show koodo again.
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I know Koodo uses the Telus towers just never seen my phone or anyones for that matter show a different carrier then the phone is using.
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Please read the promoted response. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/is-koodo-planning-on-expanding-coverage-in-manitoba
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It's been happening a lot lately. Had a few people in the store ask me the same thing today. Nothing to worry about.