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caribbean international calling idea

Well I was looking at the koodos phaphlets the other day at the kiosk in the Brantford mall ... and noticed that you could add on to your monthly plan international calling ... well I got all excited to find out they have packages for everywhere but the caribbean .... I was shocked I have alot of friends and a boyfriend in jamaica for instance that I would love to call on a regular basis .... and knowing that they're are alot of people who correspond with people back home in countries like jamaica Trinidad &Tobago and so on ... I feel if it cost me and extra 20-30$ on tip of my monthly plan to call the caribbean would be well worth my money and garenteed this would pull in more customers to koodos as they would be the first company to include a monthly package to call places like jamaica and other caribbean countries . ... I'm sure other would agree that this is a good idea for customers and for koodos business Thankyou and bless ~toni

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