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cant activate, please help

i cant activate my phone, bought it at future shop, bought a 50$ top up card, the cashier tells me to keep my receipt cause ill need it, and i cant seem to find my 12 digit code, or its not working, ive entered the pin many times it keeps bringing me back to top up page with red writing on top of page something like not enough money on top up card

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Is it possible you already added it and your trying to do it again. If you've activated but the phone isn't working it's possible you just haven't waited long enough as it can take some time for the phone to start working. You can try to speed it up by doing this. While the phone is on take out the battery and SIM Card for a minute or so, then replace them and turn the phone back on and try it again. This kick-start the phone if that's what's wrong is that the phones just not activating.