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cannot update my samsung galaxy s2 x

I've been trying to update my Samsung Glaxy S2 X T989D via Kies (the normal version, not the lite one or air). However, it does not show the phone's current firmware version and therefore does not provide me with the "upgrade" button option. I've tried with the phone turned off and then on once is connected to the computer with the usb cable and Kies is running, but still it does not show the current firmware version and does not allow me to upgrade. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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What version of Android is it running right now? Have you tried reinstalling the drivers needed to connect the phone?
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Check that the S2x battery is fully charged. Make sure you have the latest version of Kies. Go to the Help tab, click on Kies Information to show version information (showing latest version as: Connect the S2x to Kies. Under the Backup tab in Kies, backup whatever data you want to keep (music, photos, videos, contacts, miscellaneous files, etc). The data is stored on your computer and you can restore the data after the upgrade. The next step is a factory reset. This will restore the S2x to its factory default settings and wipes all data off the device. Disconnect S2x from computer. On the S2x, go to: Settings > Back up and reset - check or enable both 'Back up my data', verify the back up account and enable 'Automatic restore'. Select 'Factory data reset' and 'Reset Device'. Wait for the factory reset to complete in full. On the S2x, turn on USB debugging by going to: (Settings > Developer options - tap USB debugging to enable, tap OK). Start Kies and connect the S2x to your computer to see if Kies detects the device and a firmware update link appears. If Kies cannot detect the S2x, the firmware upgrade will have to be manually installed without Kies. Let me know if this works and keep us posted.
I've had this issue for the last 3 days and am gonna give you the result of my research, you need first of all to make sure that your computer sees your device, meaning you see it under my "computer" and you can access it, if not, you have to do the following: dial "*#7284#" and change PDA to usb or from usb to pda then the computer will recognize your device. if you think of using kies to make the upgrade here is the thing: if you download the latest version of kies available on samsung website, big chances kies will not be able to idetify your phone and will tell you a very funny thing like you need to use kies 3 which doesn't even exist, the solution is to look up your device on the samsung website and install the version kies 2.5 that you will find under downloads, this version will recognize your phone and it will prompt you to update to kies 2.6 to be able to upgrade the firmeware, once it's done it's alle automatic and easy after. you might be experiencing a message about the sd card and asking you to reboot your device frequently, turn your phone and remove the battery for 30 seconds and put it back, this should resolve the issue. good luck!