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Cannot sent text msg

Hi there I am able to receive text msg but when I am trying to Send text msg it gives me notification "Failed", can you pls help me, I just got my service started yesterday on galaxy S4.

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Are you able to make calls?
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Open the messaging app, press the menu button, tap settings, check message centre. It should be +16475800172. If it's anything else you will not be able to send text messages. If you can't edit it manually you will likely need to call tech support and have them push it to the phone.
My phone has been down all day, it says emergency call only.
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Hey Cor, try taking the battery out with the phone on for 1 minute then put the battery back in and turn the phone back. Next, if you have a Samsung Galaxy Ace,go into Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Enable Packet Data > tap to remove check mark as this can cause text messages to not be sent/receive. Try these first and let us know what the result is. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.