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cannot send or recieve picture messages

I have spoken with tec support a week ago they gave me a number to which they said they were working on it a week ago. Still have not heard back and pic messages still not working . they said they couldn't figure it out and would get back to me and haven't yet. Its bee n since Dec 21.

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Is your data turned on? What phone do you have?
Yes tec support tried everything on their end and told me they would have to talk to other tec People to figure it out. Reset everything. Moto g
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Can you check your Access Point Name settings and be sure MMS is one of the types set under your Koodo.sp APN?

Settings...wireless and networks...more...mobile networks...Access Point Names

Also be sure that the mmsc line reads:

Http:/ /aliasredirect.net/proxy/koodo/mmsc
We did that but I'll try again and let you know
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Oops edit! http: //aliasredirect.net/proxy/koodo/mmsc
The mmsc line reads correct and still not working
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What does it say for the "Type" Line?

And your data IS turned on?
data is on. What is "type " line?
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View your apn, one line should read APN Type: Default, mms, dun
Yes that is what it reads
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Could you please also confirm that the internet works when WiFi is off? Try going to a website you'd normally not goto like http:\\www.google.in The next thing I'd try is downloading a different messaging app. I love Chomp for this. You can find it in the play store.
Yes internet works when WiFi is off and got chomp but still not working
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Settings...apps...messaging...clear cache? How old is this Moto G?
Few months old. No, sorry still not working
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So last resort is a factory reset which you may have already done. Before that... Would you happen to have another phone you could try this with?
I haven't done factory reset yet. And no I don't have another phone
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Ashley Fraser wrote:

I haven't done factory reset yet. And no I don't have another phone

I will warn you that this will return your Moto G to the state it was in when you bought it, meaning any apps, photos, or personal data will be gone. So if you need to backup documents or photos, do so before you do this. So you'll want to navigate to settings...backup and reset Perform a factory reset
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Go to a Koodo kiosk. Try your sim card on one of their phones and see if MMS works. Try one of their working sim cards in your phone and see if MMS works. At least you can determine if the issue is with your phone or with your sim