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Cannot receive verification code from facebook or twitter via text messages.

Many online services has a security verification. They text you a verification code and you need to transcribe it in a form. That never work with me. It worked when I had a Galaxy W (very bad phone) put never worked with my Nexus 4. I can only receive text messages from humans. Does it has something I can do to correct that problem? Tank you

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Hey Pier Luc, You can try uninstalling/reinstalling the apps. If nothing changes, you can contact Facebook and/or twitter directly for further assistance. Hope this helped. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Hi Pier, Did you port in your number? I did a while back and it took a few weeks before those messages started working. There was another person in this community who had the same issue recently, and his too started working after a while. No worries though, it WILL start to work 😃