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Cannot receive picture messages, and picture messages I send are received 5x

Picture messages are not received on my phone. Picture messages sent always show status as "Sending..." and recipients say they receive them five times. Data is on. With data on and wifi off, web surfing works fine. Problem is with picture messages only. Issue started occurring after replacing my phone with an unlocked HTC One M8. Confirmed that the IMEI of my new phone is compatible with the Koodo network. Access point details are; APN: sp.koodo.com MMSC: http://aliasredirect.net/proxy/koodo/mmsc MMS proxy: MMS port: 80 MCC: 302 MNC: 220 Calling tech support did not solve the problem. I feel frustrated and disappointed that I will have to switch to a different provider if this isn't solved. Hopefully someone here can help.

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Check this out http://mobilemasters.koodomobile.com/the-comprehensive-guide-for-bringing-your-unlocked-device-to-koodo/ Also you may need to rest your MMS settings if you are using a 3rd party messaging app
Thanks. Access point configured as instructed, then power cycled, but still cannot receive MMS, and MMS still sends 5x. Not using a 3rd party messaging app.
It appears that the problem is with the SMS app. Possibly a bug with Android 5.0.1? Tried a few different SMS clients. Hangouts, Evolve SMS and Textra fail as described, but Go SMS and Handcent work fine. I assume it has something to do with the way they auto-configure MMS.