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cannot reach a Koodo phone from certain numbers

i bought my Mom a Samsung galaxy S II x with Koodo. When I try to call her phone it doesn't even ring and hang up. It happens from my office phone and my own cell phone. Others can get throught

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you have to check if your office phone numer is not programmed into the phone to reject the calls if it is not in this case have to call koodo technicall support to investigate .it is possible to reset your phone to factoty default before calling the number is 1866-995-6636 choose tech suppoprt
I have same issue with my s2x every once in a while. Sometimes its with dial pad and sometimes from contactlist. I chalk it up to Dead Spots as i can be in a raveen, near main hydro lines, under wet tree canopy or in Downtown Toronto.
hi stephen you should call koodo to verify if you have a warranty to send your phone to be repaired .call koodo from another phone to 1866-995-6636 or from cell to *611