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Cannot pair Nexus with my car

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Not really sure what you meant. But you can switch sim cards. If your S4 isn't working you can switch your koodo sim card into your nexus phone in the meantime.
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Hey Vivian! If your referring to pairing your phone to the Bluetooth in your car, here are a few simple steps: 1 Select the Launcher icon. 2 Select the Settings icon. 3 Under Wireless and Networks select Bluetooth. 4 Swipe Bluetooth to off position. The smartphone automatically searches for available Bluetooth devices. Once found, the name of the Bluetooth device displays on the smartphone. 5 Select on the device name to be paired. 6 Select Pair. If not, you'll need to verify your car's user manual. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
Usually this is an issue with the in-car BT. Check your user manual for your vehicle to insure you are engaging the BlueTooth correctly. Once you have your BlueTooth turned on on both connections it will automatically connect after you select the visible device (the car)