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Cannot make outgoing calls from Cuba to Canada (can receive calls from Canada, can make local calls in Cuba)?

I've added Int'l Roaming Package for voice and data and the 30 Bundle - but cant make any outgoing calls to Canada. Incoming calls from Canada work, local calls to Cuban phone numbers work, but outgoing to Canada don't. We've tried every possible combination suggested in the topics on Cuba, for example:
119 1 905 XXX XXXX
119 905 XXX XXXX
+119 905 XXX XXXX
+119 1 905 XXX XXXX
+1 905 XXX XXXX
What's the issue? How can this be fixed? 

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oh, and the phone is samsung galaxy grand prime
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The first number combo should have worked. You don't want to be including the plus sign in any of your dialing. Playing a hunch here: assuming you are calling a number that is local to your home in Canada, try 1 905 xxx xxxx or 905 xxx xxxx without the +

we tried that too, does not work either...