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cannot make calls or texts

  • 14 July 2020
  • 1 reply

Newbie over here. Switched from iPhone to a Samsung Pro XC cover today. Getting everything settled. 
BUT. Cannot send or receive a text. Cannot make a phone call. It says I’m not registered. What the heck?? 
im a monthly customer with Koodo. This is frustrating.

1 reply

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Are you a new customer?  Did you just get your sim and phone today?

DId you get your self serve confirmation yet?  Note: Do NOT register for self serve again.

If you didnt get your self serve confirmation email, it is likely because your sim is not activated yet.  Koodo sends their packages so that it self activates when it arrives, but sometimes they are a little early and in this case they may be late.  You can give it a day and wait for the email and for the sim to self activate (a reboot may be required when that happens).  Or you can send Koodo a private message via facebook or twitter and a rep can activate you (note that it is not a live chat so it may take some time for a rep to reply)