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Cannot login to self-serve

I get this message:

"Looks like this account has already been linked to another email address. You're still waiting for permission from the owner of that email address. We'll email you once you're approved"

I never got an email asking me to create a password, just an email saying "hooray! you're registered with self serve!"

I cannot log in.

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Hey Mat - sounds like you activated a new account, and tried to set-up your Self Serve profile on your own.
When setting up Self Serve for the first time, you need to follow the link provided in the official email sent to you by Koodo (if you ordered your phone online, there's a chance you may not have received this yet), if that's the case, be patient and wait for that to come and follow the steps. However, since you've already tried doing it on your own, you may need a reps help in resetting your profile, in which case, you can shoot us a private message on Facebook and we'll help sort things out for you.
Hope that helps.
Yes I have. I have written Koodo a message on facebook and still have no response, and I have been on hold for over an hour waiting for customer service.
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They will. It's not live chat though. Given the Black Friday/Cyber Monday craziness Koodo is a bit behind. They will definitely get back so stop wasting your time on the phone