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Cannot correct voicemail number

  • 5 November 2019
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I don’t often get voicemails but in the last month the voicemail number has been changed in the phone - something I did not do as I so very rarely access my voicemail or change settings... It now has a 902 area code (Nova Scotia) instead of 613 (Ontario) so any time the notification pops up it wants to dial long distance.

I’m using a Huawei Mate20 Pro, the settings where it shows me the number is grey-ed out so I cannot change it. How do I fix this without having to ignore the notification and dial my own number?

1 reply

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The voicemail number is preset by Koodo and is automatically controlled through the carrier settings on your phone. You can contact customer service and see if there another voicemail number available for you that you could have changed to that would have an Ontario area code.

When it comes down to it though, you won’t get charged any long distance charges for dialing said number, you’ll just have to listen to the little message each time.

If you want to contact customer service your easiest way would be to message them through facebook at https://m.me/koodo