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cannot call 911

Cannot call 911. There have been three different times I have had to call 911 in the past few years and each time I tried on my phone the service was unavailable WTF! I am now pregnant and worried if I go into pre term labor and im home by myself I wont be able to call for help!

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This is a tricky one, since testing to call 911 is frowned upon by emergency services.

Due to the stress of having to call 911, you may not be able to answer these quesrion but i'll give it a try anyways.
-During the time your 911 call failed, did you have a signal?
-Where you able to call other numbers?
-Did you call 911 from another phone and it worked?

Outside of this, you may have to call Koodo and speak with their tech support to see if they can narrow down the cause of this issue.
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To test your 911 call the local police stations non emergency number (NOT 911) and explain to them that you need to make a 911 test call or two. They should patch you through to the main switchboard where you can tell them what you're doing and why. [b]After you get permission you can then hang up and dial 911. Do not just hang up. Tell the operator who you are and what you're doing again. If all is successful, tell the operator that you're done and thank them.
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That's strange indeed as you don't even have to have a SIM card in the phone to dial 911. However, you do have to be within range of a cell tower that's broadcasting on a frequency that your phone supports.