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Cannot activate unlocked Koodo phone on chatr

Hey I had a Koodo phone for year then I got it unlocked and I got a chatr SIM card. I have tried everything, and I cannot get it working. It just says "Unregistered SIM". Any ideas?

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It could not have been unlocked properly or there's a deeper issue. Check the network settings to ensure 3G is turned on and airplane mode is off.
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Or Chatr could be having problems - could talk to tech support since it is on their network?
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Are you sure the phone is even 3G capable? I'm asking because a friend had a phone on Petro-Canada (Nokia something)... Phone was 2G only, so no matter what he did after unlocking, it never worked on Koodo.
I've check all those settings, and I've spoken with chatr. They say the account is active and the sim should work
How do I check this?
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Joe Dirt wrote:

How do I check this?

Well, we can help with that! What are the phone's exact make and model number?
Could it be because it was disconnected by Koodo? But if that were true, why does it work with other sim cards? MAybe I can try plugging this sim into other phones and see if that works?
Never mind it worked