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Cancelled plan, owing tab problem!

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 : So I had a plan, which I was told on the phone that it was cancelled. Unfortunately, there is a unknown phone tab I still owe to pay the rest of my phone balance. When I try to go on my Koodo account, it said my account is cancelled, but why do I still have an owing balance... How can I pay it off online and make sure that everything is paid and taken care of (especially that I don't live in the city that I bought it from)?

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When you cancel your phone services you will still have to pay for your last bill. It sounds like you used tab when you originally bought the phone. This means that you didn't pay for the full price up front and since canceling you have to pay that off. Of you just cancelled recently you should have access to your account and be able to pay it off online.
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As Chris said when you cancel you still have to pay for your last bill, which normally consists of your last month and any tab balance that would be remaining, in this case you had an amount still remaining on your tab and it has been charged to your account. Now, if you cannot access your account via the website, you have a couple options: 1. If you have an old bill you can bring the bill to your bank and you can pay it at the teller (or if you have online banking just enter in your account number as a payee and your set), or 2. You can call Koodo at 1-866-995-6636 from any phone (press 0 a few times) and see if there is any chance of them having access to your account so that you can pay using a credit card (if you have one). Hope that helps!