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Cancellation - No hay un problema.

  • 1 February 2017
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After everything I read about cancelling my account, I was ready for a fight... But,

Truth is, apart from the 1 hour and 15 min automated call back (45min Koodo estimate), I was treated with respect and consideration. Don't bother telling them you want to go to prepaid. They will ask you to get a SIM first.  Robert from Mexico was quite understanding when I told him my company insisted I use their phone.  So was the gentleman before him when I mentioned that I read many people got lost in the transfer to the cancellation department.

From my experience, the bad rep is undeserved.  Just don't leave it until the last day of the billing cycle to call... it's busy and not fair on them... Sorry!!

But if you do not get through, don't worry.... you will only be billed for the portion of the month you have used, plus whatever is on your tab and of course...the tax.

Hope you all have the same experience I did.

1 reply

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Thanks for sharing with us Ruby! Glad to hear you had a good experience.