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I am a traveller who came in Canada on Jul 17th 2017. And started to use my phone from Jul 18th 2017. And on Jan 11th 2018, my visa ends and I must go out of Canada. On Dec 6th 2017, I called to Service Center(1-866-995-6636), and I told him I want to cancel my phone plan and he said that it works and I also received cancellation confirm e-mail. The e-mail said that I can use my phone till Jan 12th 2018. But my new phone bill on Dec 27th 2017 said that I should pay the whole month from Dec 28th 2017 to Jan 27th 2018. And what the worse is, my phone plan is charged my TD account which I must close Jan 11th. Usually Koodo charges my bill on the day 15th everymonth. So if Koodo does same as before, they cannot charge my bill. How can I do? I already sent them e-mail but there's no reply and I also called their service center again, but more tjan 1hr there's no answer.

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Since it is a postpaid bill you pay 1 month ahead of time then overage gets added on afterwards.  In this case, Koodo charges for the entire month and then issues a credit when the cancellation occurs.  This is because, depending on how many minutes/data you use for your partial month, it may be better to get charged the entire month rather than have a pro-rated month that incurs overage charges.  Koodo chooses the lowest bill from these 2 options, which they wont be able to calculate until your Jan 27 bill.

If you need to speak to a rep to determine the easiest way to pay your final bill, i suggest sending Koodo a private message via facebook or twitter so you wont need to wait on hold
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Dennis wrote:

Since it is a postpaid bill you pay 1 month ahead of time then overage gets added on afterwards.&...

The wait time on facebook is also terrible though. 3,4 days or more, at least.

Calling early in the day (9am) might be the best bet.