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Cancel Phone Upgrade

I recently upgraded from the Note 5 to the Note 9 as my current Note 5 stopped charging properly. But this was 10 days ago and Koodo has yet to ship it. I was worried my current phone wouldn't last until the new one gets here but today I discovered that my current phone is working fine. It's the charger I was using that somehow went bad. I no longer need a new phone and don't want to pay $1000 if I don't need to. Is it even possible to cancel after the order was approved?

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They posted a delay note at the Note 9 webstore "Your order will ship in 1-3 weeks. It’ll arrive 1-5 days after it’s been shipped". So that was the reason for the delay.

To cancel you need to contact the webstore https://www.koodomobile.com/webstore-policies
If the order was already shipped, you could deny to accept it and ask the courier to return to the sender.