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Canadian Flag emoji for LG G3 ?

I originally posted this msg under Question/Android, but Chadwick kindly suggested I also post it here for different viewers to see :

When will LG / Koodo  "activate" the Canadian Flag emoji for LG G3 that's already available in Android since 2010? It's in the Unicode, but LG G3 (& G4) only display it as a bold "CA".  It's also not in the list of selectable emojis (only the flags of 10 countries are). It is selectable & displayable on the G5 apparently. You think that LG wud have made the CDN flag available on the G3 since it was specifically a Canadian model (D852) for the Canadian market !!!! Come on LG/Telus/Koodo : do it for Canada Day !! If not this year, then AT LEAST for Canada's 150th birthday next year :-))

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Hey Wayne, I imagine this is the site you already looked at. Will forward your comments above to LG as they are the owners of the software the phone comes with.

Bernard : TNX for forwarding my request to LG ! Yes, I got a lot of info from that emojipedia site previously, but no luck re. my concern. At least I can send the CDN flag emoji to others by copy & paste of the "text field" flag equivalent from that site (not easy), and/but it won't show as it shud on my phone. Many thanks for ur assistance!