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Canada-wide sim-only plan $59.00

  • 15 March 2015
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My wife upgraded from Canada wide- 1GB $60.00 to the new Canada wide - sin only 2gb $59.00 plan. Very nice offer on part of Koodo. I have 2 questions. First, what does "sin only" mean/refer to? Second, why is this special, not advertised in the out dated, other wise redundant "What's New" heading?

5 replies

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The Plan is only for a limited time and the "SIM Only" means that you cannot take this plan with a Tab.
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Thank you
The plan means its "SIM only" meaning you can't have a tab with the phone. But it also means that you cannot upgrade to a new phone without either buying it outright or changing your plan for a plan that allows for a tab. So there are ups and downs to the plan. Have this plan myself and that is what I was explained at the koodo kiosk. Hope this helps goodluck.
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Yes. In fact we had balance owing on small tab. Called Koodo and asked that tab owing be added to next bill. They put me on hold, came back said OK. Put me on hold again, came back and said it was done. Then came the confirmation email followed a minute later and new plan was effective immediately. Being one of many that believes we should have more data, in the plans, an extra GB at a dollar less and 10% off, this worked out very well.
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Im taking advantage of my plan till i get the htc one m9 but they do need to bring in more data options