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Can you just Trade Phones with Another Koodo Customer and switch Sim Cards?

Someone and I are thinking of trading phones and I was wondering, would just trading phones and then switching Sim Cards be all I need to do to complete that? Anything else need to be done? They are Samsung Galaxy S2X and S3.

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The S2 and S3 take different sim cards so if you have the S2 and want the S3 you can either get a template online for cutting your current sim OR go by a micro sim from any koodo shop for about $10 plus tax.
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As long as both phones are unlocked or locked to Koodo, the only issue you'll have is the S III uses a micro SIM card while the S II X uses a regular-sized one. So you'll need to either get a smaller sim card or vice versa activated on your account.
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They must be the same SIM card size. Also, they both have to be Koodo phones or unlocked phones.