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Can't view/pay bill on App

I get an error when I click the button that says there is an issue with my account information but there is no issue if I want to sign up for aautomatic payment plan that I don't want to do. I am obviously logged in so why can I not pay my bill? Iwant to pay and the phone suspespension calls are starting to come.

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If you're getting the calls you'll need to call in and discuss your account anyway. Just call in to make the payment. As far as the app goes...in install it and reinstall it. then try again
Are you connected by WiFi or network connection. Try to make a phone call when this happens, should tell you if phone is working correctly. Sorry i don't know model of your phone & such.
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Can you login to your self serve account to pay your bill? (Not from App) I would call Koodo anyway but this is another option for payment in the future 🙂