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Can't text one of my contacts, why?

I have been texting my friends and family with no issues but for some reason, I am unable to text one of my friends. I use the correct format (area code, seven digit number) but the text never goes through. Does someone know why this would happen? He can text me, and even if I reply it won't work so I am certain I have the correct number...help.

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Are you sure he is still your friend? 🙂 He may have blocked you and just doesn't want to tell you. I let the others weigh in from a technical perspective.
Yeah, we coach hockey together and he texts me at least once a week. The only way I can answer is if I call him, strange.
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Did he recently change phones by any chance? If so, from what to what? If no, what phone does he currently have? And what phone do you have?
He has an I-phone 4 and I have a Samsung galaxy ace 2X. He always had the same number since he has been on my contact list, I was never able to reply to his texts, this has been going on for 4 months now.
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What cell phone carrier is your friend with? Is your friend able to receive text messages from other people?
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Hard to say for sure, but it sounds like some sort of error in the system. I'd call tech support and have them submit a trouble ticket, and have your friend do the same to make sure the issue gets traced from both ends.
I will try calling tech support, I think it is a "behind the scenes" issue...he can receive texts from his other contacts.