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Can't send picture messages via Facebook Messenger anymore

  • 22 September 2013
  • 3 replies

I have a Samsung Ace 2 and over the past few weeks I've not been able to send picture messages via the Facebook messenger app. I can receive picture messages with no problem whatsoever. When I try to send the picture, it loads up on my screen normally and appears to send just fine. The other person never receives the picture. If I close the app, then return to the conversation thread, the picture is gone but there is a large coloured box with any text that I sent as well. Any ideas? It's driving me nuts!

3 replies

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Since it's an app issue, the best bet is to contact the developer (in this case, Facebook). Hopefully a member may know how to help you though. For now, I'd recommend trying to un-install Facebook messenger and re-downloading and installing it which is the first thing any technical support person will tell you to do anyway
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Have your tried clearing the App Data for Facebook & Facebook Messenger? You'll just need to log in again, nothing will be lost. For me though, i usually need to wait a little (5-10secs) while as the picture loads before taping "Send".
Thanks guys! I had tried clearing the data for messenger before without any luck. I've uninstalled and re-installed it and it *seems* to be working. I don't use it often so I'm hoping this is all it needed to get going again. THANK YOU!